Even if you’re aware of your sexual desires, becoming confident with your kinks and needs can take work. As many of us were raised with sexual shame or stigma, even if we logically know that our wants are normal, getting to a place where we freely share our desires with our partner(s) can take time and effort. You may use a meditation app; now there’s a mindfulness app specifically created to embrace your sexuality.

Ferly is a sex-positive app that aims to create a digital space for female-identifying folks to get in touch with their sexuality and what pleasure means to them. “We describe Ferly as your audio guide to mindful sex,” co-founder and CEO Billie Quinlan tells Allure. “Ferly is a space for womxn to bring awareness into their sexuality so they can explore their beliefs, unpack narratives, and discover pleasure in new and exciting ways. It’s a shame-free, accessible and fun way for womxn to invest in their sexual well-being.”

Ferly is not a dating app, but rather a resource of podcast episodes on the science of sex, guided meditations, and body-mapping, and sensual stories created by London-based Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak. The app is available starting in June of 2019 on iOS, with Android to follow, and costs £10 per month or £60 a year, or roughly $12 USD per month or $78 a year.

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Introducing Ferly, a Tech startup creating a sex-positive space for woman by Sophie Saint Thomas

May 14th, 2019