MADAME NOIRE: Normalizing Kink For Black And Brown Folx

Black people who are sex and/or kink positive are frowned upon, often subjected to shame and judgment from others. As a Black fat womxn who exists at the intersection of these identities, it’s time to have conversations about what sex and kink positivity are and why they are important for Black liberation.

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DAZED: Sex workers protest censorship with this self-destructing digital art show

E-Viction will exist online for just 12 hours, in demonstration against the deplatforming of adult workers on social media sites

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"From denying affirming healthcare to a trans inmate to barring forums sex workers used to protect themselves, the former “top cop” has a concerning record of endangering our community’s most marginalized members."

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The Maneaters of Gynos: A Dark Fantasy Erotica

In a way it seemed inevitable that The Golden Rooster Company would be embraced by Lord Rayneth and the rest of his cronies in the Kingdom of Virfortis. After all, Lord Rayneth was responsible for revitalizing the kingdom’s economy using one of the oldest tricks in the book...

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Bewitched & Betwixt: A Fantasy Femdom Story

Adam's never met a Witch before, let alone the Witch Plumeria who likes to throw back shots at a buzzy tequila bar in New York City's Lower East Side. To Adam's delight–and confusion–Plumeria takes an immediate interest in him...

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MEL: The Dominatrix Duo Demystifying Kink on Periscope

“What’s really important [is] creating these multiple avenues to see kink and BDSM. You see this hardcore kink porn, and it seems so inaccessible.”

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DAZED: Inside the world of Asian Dommes in New York

Banana is the DIY magazine by and for Asians growing up in the west

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SLUTEVER: Lifestyle Slaves

Karley spends time with a dominatrix and her platonic lifestyle slave and finds an unexpected dynamic.

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