Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh when I stand over a “toilet” slave and let it loose all over them. They don’t know my 3-year-old did the same on my leg about two hours ago. In retrospect, toilet training my toddler has transferable skills I use at the dungeon I work at as a dominatrix three days a week.  And yes, that means I am an actively employed sex worker, who is married with two beautiful children.

I am lucky enough to have the support of my partner in my endeavors with ProDomming. Since I have become less quiet about my “newest” line of work, we have had “friends” ask all kinds of intrusive questions about why I do what I do. But the answer is pretty simple: I want to.

Yes, as a  mother I love my kids more than anything and will do anything for them. But I’m still my own person. And too often we are told that our lives are no longer ours when we have kids, that it’s inappropriate to act or even like a certain thing. We deserve devices in which we reclaim our powers as a woman, not just as a mother. And for me, being a dominatrix does that.

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Being a Sex Worker doesn’t make me a bad Mother – it actually made me a better one by Kristina Rodriguez