If you’re familiar with the phrase “that’s a terrible idea, let’s do it” then you might be one of the British MPs who think that the UK should do its own version of FOSTA-SESTA. That’s exactly what Labour MP Sarah Champion has done by leading a debate this week for the creation of laws to criminalize websites used by sex workers in the UK — under the rubric of fighting trafficking, of course.

A self-appointed group of MPs (the “All-Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade”) fronted by Ms. Champion made a call to ban “prostitution websites” during a Wednesday House of Commons debate. Conflating sex work with trafficking just like their American counterparts, they claim websites where workers advertise and screen clients “directly and knowingly” profit from sex trafficking.

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UK politicians push for FOSTA/SESTA-style sex censorship by Violet Blue

July 6th, 2018