For all their differences, one thing America’s sex industry and its migrant labor market have in common is a long and troubled history in which changes to technology and law have played a large part (like in most industries, and areas of life). Since ‘Wild West‘ days, these workers have also gotten very little voice in the systems governing their work.

As a result, US officials have a tradition of ignoring their needs, and taking shots at their homes and incomes instead. In response to recent high-tech, misinformed (and/or misleading) attacks on some of our most vulnerable workers’ financial and digital lives, industry members and supporters have started exploring new ways of making their voices heard — in some cases, with distinctly old-school methods.

This year, for example, the new platform Tribunus has allowed web users to weigh in on critical issues when petitions and digital comments are no longer viable steps. On Tribunus’ simple site, US residents can contact legislators directly by placing a phone call, sending them a fax, or — if their fax machine is turned off — quickly sending them a paper letter instead.

Tribunus’ creator, a Bay Area programmer who asked to be identified as Michael, said he first launched the platform to help defeat a legal measure threatening California sex workers (successfully, after protests and hundreds of letters). Later on, he added pages addressing immigrant family separation and net neutrality.

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Sex Workers and Immigrants are under attack. Don’t like it? Send DC a fax by Janet Burns

Dec 5th, 2018