“We’re allowed to be angry now in news media,” says Red S. We’re sitting on a park bench as people slowly trickle in with red headbands, armbands, boots, and umbrellas. It’s unforgivingly hot, but the gathering crowd has a visible energy. People are huddled on the ground, excitedly making signs, while others rush to greet friends and family at the park’s entrance.

Red is a community organizer with the Support Ho(s)e Collective, Survived and Punished NYC, and Survivors Against SESTA—one of a growing sea of people gathered around the Washington Square Park arch at the International Whores’ Day demonstration in New York City on Saturday.

International Whores’ Day dates back to 1975 when hundreds of sex workers occupied a church in Lyon, France, to demand an end to police brutality as well as general harassment and violence. Forty-three years later, sex workers and allies are still fighting for sex-worker rights—and to regain protections lost by the recent passage of a law with ramifications that sex workers say could literally kill them.


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Sex workers fight back against a dangerous law by Melanie Ehrenkranz

June 4th, 2018