Hypnosis has been used for centuries to induce dreams, recall memories, and transform habits. So it makes sense that it could also be used to elicit pleasure. That would be erotic hypnosis, also referred to as hypno-sex. But the erotic in erotic hypnosis means more than orgasms.

What is erotic hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis to elicit a particular sexual goal in some shape or form, whether it’s a hands-free orgasm or just a pleasurable and relaxing state of mind. It involves one person guiding another person into a trance-like state using just their voice and then suggesting certain attitudes, behaviors, or actions.

“Erotic hypnosis has a way of enhancing the things that the subject already enjoys. It can draw things out that would otherwise stay hidden, allow the hypnotee to be more sensitive, and lower inhibition if that’s what they want,” hypnodomme and certified hypnotist Katherine Dire tells mbg. “It’s a way of playing with sexuality in a way that is a little indirect.”

Reasons someone may want to practice erotic hypnosis:

  • Increase awareness of touch, mind, and sensation
  • Control pleasure during or after trance
  • Induce hands-free orgasms
  • Enhance role-play and fantasy
  • Experience something “taboo”
  • Transform a kink or fetish
  • Let go and relax

How it works.

Every session starts with you and your hypnotist laying the foundation. You’ll talk about your goal for the session, your soft and hard limits, and insight into your life. The more pieces of the puzzle they have, the better.

Then, the hypnotist suggests you into a trance.

During hypnosis, a person’s attention leaves their immediate environment and clings to “inner experiences such as feelings, cognition, and imagery,” according to research by hypnotherapist Ann Williamson.

You enter a consciously induced trance that mirrors lighter trances you already experience at least twice a day. When we wake up and run off our list of to-do’s, when we recap our day before bed, and when we zone out mid-drive and miss our exit—all are types of trances.

How you experience a trance depends on the suggestions the hypnotist makes. Your relaxed state of mind can resemble sleepiness, grogginess, fuzziness, or floating. “Everyone experiences hypnosis differently. Some get extremely relaxed, some get turned on, some don’t experience anything, and some get amnestic,” says Dire.

You stay in that deep state of relaxation until the session is over or something snaps you out of it.

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Nov 21, 2020