We’ve all heard it: “Portland has more strip clubs per capita than any other city in America.” With twice as many strip clubs as public restrooms, the City of Roses boasts everything from intimate rock ’n’ roll to entirely vegan-themed clubs. Despite their widespread popularity and protection under Oregon state law, strippers are often faced with challenges that are anything but sexy. Access to healthy food is one of them.

Restaurants in Portland are legally required to serve food if they serve alcohol, but late-night dining options are limited. Many smaller clubs don’t even have chefs past 8 or 9 pm, and greasy menus make it difficult for strippers to find something other than deep fried drunk food to eat on the job. The fact that very few restaurants are open by the time they get off work, coupled with limited public transit hours, only exacerbates the problem.

Early last year, one woman set out to fix it.

Nikeisah Newton began preparing healthy to-go meals from her kitchen for her own circle of stripper friends. Newton, a chef, started making to-go meals for her former partner, a stripper and full-time student who hardly had time to cook for herself between gigs. Many of Newton’s friends who were DJs, cocktail waitresses, dancers, and bouncers were all in the same boat. Her partner would routinely bring healthy meals with her to the club, and when she was met with interest and positive feedback from others, she couldn’t help but share her realization with Newton: “You know, they would pay you if this was a delivery service,” she said. Flash forward to January 25, 2019, Newton’s first official delivery as Meals 4 Heels, Portland’s first late-night clean meal delivery service tailored to strippers and sex workers.

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This Meal Delivery Service Provides Healthy Food to Portland’s Sex Workers By Lauren Carlos 

Published July 17th, 2020