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Manhattan Alternative is a network of therapeutic service providers in New York City who are sex-positive, affirmative, and have expertise related to issues that kink, poly, consensually non-monogamous, trans, gender non-conforming, and/or LGBQ-identified individuals face.

Dulcinea Pitagora, LMSW, CST
I offer affirming psychotherapy and sex therapy for individuals, couples, multiple-partner relationships, and poly and leather families. I welcome people of every ability, age, gender, national origin, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation. I specialize in working with adults in the kink, poly, trans, GNC/NB, LGBQ, and sex work communities.

Dr. Marty Klein
Dr. Marty Klein has been a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Sex Therapist for 35 years. He has focused his entire career toward a single set of goals: telling the truth about sexuality, helping people feel sexually adequate & powerful, and supporting the healthy sexual expression and exploration of women and men.


Purple Passion is the website and online store for Purple Passion/DV8, New York City’s premier BDSM, fetish clothing and adult toy store for men and women. We carry a wide selection of latex and leather clothing, corsets, boots/shoes, restraints, bondage equipment, rope, vibrators, sex toys, and much more.

The Stockroom is the original internet source for quality sex toys, online and selling to tech-savvy fans of kink since 1990. We are now in our 27th year selling sex toys, bondage gear and restraints online, catering to the whole spectrum, from the curious novice to the extreme bdsm player.

eXtreme Restraints
Due to a passion for the scene, the play, and the people, eXtremeRestraints has been selling a wide variety of popular and niche adult toys since 2000. Along with the classics, we offer products that are unique in design and function to inspire creative use.

Male Chastity
The workshop is dark. Slabs of raw steel and titanium rest in the shadows, a few rough sketches scatter across a worktable, and suddenly banks of machinery hum to life… This is when the real magic begins: CAD drawing, 3D programming, CNC machining, laser welding… and from a simple piece of metal, your fantasy emerges. Meticulous hand finishing will complete the process, illuminating the gleaming contours of pleasure and control.

Mature Metal
We have been conducting research and development for many years to develop the most comfortable and secure male stainless steel chastity devices in the world. This is not just an off-the-shelf chastity site. We custom craft every single one of the devices to the customer’s specifications – without the high price tags.

Custom Chastity
Male chastity is one of the most intense and life changing choices a couple or man can make to truly enhance your life and your sex life plus. The benefits will have many positive affects on your life. Life and Sex will improve beyond your wildest dreams. We offer chastity devices that are design for 24/7 secure comfortable wear.


Amplifying the voices of Witches, Sluts, & Feminists.

Slutever is a website that deals predominantly with sexuality and relationships.

Broadly is a website and digital video channel devoted to representing the multiplicity of women’s experiences. Through original reporting and documentary film, we provide a sustained focus on the issues that matter most to women.

Bustle is for and by women who are moving forward as fast as you are.

Slutty Girl Problems
A slut is a woman who is confident and sexually empowered. She is in control of her sexuality and her choices. She doesn’t let anyone define her or her sexuality. She defines herself. Slutty Girl Problems is for young women who embrace this empowered lifestyle.

Oh Joy Sex Toy
Oh Joy Sex Toy updates weekly and covers a wide spectrum of the world of sex; from sex toy reviews to sex education to interviews with sex industry professionals and more.

Hey Epiphora
For over a decade, I’ve been testing sex toys and writing about them on the internet. Highly trusted and well-known for my snarky yet authentic style, I am the antidote to the coy, euphemistic sugar-coating that plagues bad sex writing.

Dr. NerdLove
Harris O’Malley (AKA Dr. NerdLove) is an internationally recognized blogger and dating coach who gives dating advice to geeks of all stripes.

The Beautiful Kind
The Beautiful Kind is a sex-positive community blog led by Kendra Holliday.