As the cannabis market explodes, so has the market for pot products made for those who want to both get high and get off. This could be especially good for women, who on average climax during sex less often than men. Now, some experts believe the growing acceptance of pot could help change what has been dubbed “the orgasm gap.” “Our endocannabinoid system controls moods and cycles,” says Gabrielle Noel, a sex and cannabis writer. “So women in particular stand to benefit.”

Massage oils and lubes containing THC and CBD basically do for the clitoris what Viagra does for penises. “It can support the arousal process by relaxing blood vessels,” says Kiana Reeves, director of community education for Foria, a company that makes weed-infused sex products. “This blood flow can enhance sensation, natural lubrication and access to orgasm.” Adds Noel, “It also makes anal way easier.”

Anna Lee, co-founder of sex-tech company Lioness, tried out Foria’s weed lube along with her company’s “smart” vibrator, a toy that records biofeedback such as muscle contractions. She found that with the THC-infused product, her orgasms lasted three minutes — nine times longer than average when she masturbates. “There was a deepening in sensations that made my body feel in a trance,” says Lee. “I was more sensitive to every movement, which made the orgasm explosive.”

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Sex and the Stoner by Tina Horn

April 19th, 2019