by M.L. Paige

The Golden Rooster Company, that’s what they called themselves. It was a cheap joke–standard fare for Asher, really–but to the surprise of all three of them it caught on with the local mercs and the generals and even the nobles. No one could believe when, at a raucous stag party celebrating the engagement of Lord Rayneth’s nephew, the Lord himself had leaned in close to Edsere and asked in a liquored whisper if he had a golden cock. As Edsere told it, the Lord giggled–actually giggled–and dangled his pinkie suggestively.

“I feel bad for the sad cunt if that’s all he’s got for a pecker,” Sahvin had said, sulking that the Lord had confided in Edsere and not himself.

“You hush up,” Edsere had replied. “If anyone hears you he’ll have your head.”

Asher grabbed at Sahvin’s crotch. “From what I’ve seen of it, I’d rather have the pinkie,” he said with a snicker.

In a way it seemed inevitable that The Golden Rooster Company would be embraced by Lord Rayneth and the rest of his cronies in the Kingdom of Virfortis. After all, Lord Rayneth was responsible for revitalizing the kingdom’s economy using one of the oldest tricks in the book–slavery–and The Golden Rooster Company was exceptionally good at scouting rural villages and secluded hamlets for so-called “human capital” to bring into Virfortis.

The Company divided their targets into two categories. The first category (and also the largest) was comprised of what Edsere had dubbed “Snoozer” towns. These were full of homely peasants offering little true value, most of them older than younger, and the plan for these peasants was for the men to be conscripted into military service as frontline fodder while the women were put to work on domestic duties. Couples were given bare lodgings and the illusion of freedom, which kept them complacent enough to prevent a revolution.

The other category was far more exciting to Edsere and the rest of The Golden Rooster Company, and no doubt to Lord Rayneth himself. These were called “Sleeper” towns, named for the abundant value these places had sleeping beneath their surface in the form of gorgeous young women. These women were captured, broken, trained, and then put on the slaver’s market where they were often snatched up by a wealthy noble looking for some excitement in his life. Some met a more public fate as “Comfort Stations” for Virfortis’s military and others were kept like animals to be rented out to the lower–and far more brusque–classes of the kingdom. Failure to bring in coin for the kingdom resulted in public punishment meant to not only humiliate the slave but to also advertise the slaver’s wares to whomever might be watching.

All three members of The Company had spent many a night with slaves whose capture they had facilitated and it never ceased to amaze Edsere just how malleable they were. Stunning, resilient women who spat and swore and promised that they would bite off Edsere’s cock the moment he tried to put it between their lips became in time eager creatures who threw themselves at his crotch like starving dogs hunting for a bone and who begged feverishly to suckle on his balls moments after he’d emptied days’ worth of seed down their throats.

It was enough to convince Edsere that maybe this was the intended order of things, the path set forth by some great creator in the stars above, and all that he and Asher and Sahvin were doing were righting the aberrations of nature. After a few years as part of The Company he began to think perhaps these women actually preferred being slaves, that life was easier for them without harsh winters, dwindling food supplies, and the constant threat of invasion to worry about. Now it came down to a simple focus on the cocks and pussies and lips and assholes of those with enough coin to claim them.

And judging by how often Asher and Sahvin frequented the slaver’s stables, his companions didn’t disagree.

A straight two weeks of storms had just passed through Virfortis when Lord Rayneth summoned The Golden Rooster Company to his private quarters, the four men left alone at the top of the kingdom’s tallest tower with enough wine to wet an army. The Lord poured his guests heavy glasses without asking, something Edsere knew to mean an unpleasant request was on the way.

“So,” said Lord Rayneth, swirling a glass of almost purple liquid. “I assume you’ve heard about what happened at the stables.”

Edsere had. A freak bolt of lightning from the storm had toppled a grain store adjacent to the stables, causing a waterfall of stones each heavier than a man to collapse down onto the stable’s eastern wing. Almost three dozen rental slaves were killed, along with two slavers who had decided to take advantage of the storm’s calamity to enjoy the slaves for themselves.

“It was a real shame,” said Asher with a face puckered from how tannic the wine was.

“A shame?” asked a drunken Lord Rayneth. He made a sound somewhere between a laugh and a snort. “The ‘real shame’ here is that those rentals bring in more revenue than half the bloody kingdom does! If those holes could talk, they’d be able to name every cock from here to Princeps.”

“I mean, one of their holes can talk,” Asher said. “Well, used to be able to…”

“Shhh,” hissed Sahvin, smacking Asher in the head. “The Lord is speaking.”

Edsere tried to push past Asher’s idiocy. He addressed Lord Rayneth: “My Lord, you know matters of the economy far better than we do. But we know scouting. May I assume you’ve called us here to help–” Here Edsere struggled for the most tasteful word to use. “–mitigate the damages?”

A languid smile curdled across the Lord’s ruddy face. “I’ve always liked you Edsere,” he said, contemplating his wine. At this, Sahvin shot Edsere an envious glance. “I mean, you’re no noble–not even close–but you are a businessman and you have a way of cutting through the fog. Yes, I would like you and the rest of The Golden Rooster Company to replenish the stock we’ve lost in the storm.”

“As you wish My Lord,” said Edsere. “I actually have a pla–”

Lord Rayneth cut him off: “I also think that as a businessman you will appreciate that I want to use this replenishment as an opportunity to diversify our stock.”

“My Lord?” asked a wary Sahvin, raising one of his pale golden eyebrows high on his forehead.

“The people are growing bored of the same pussies,” slurred Lord Rayneth. “Profits are down. Complaints are up. Simply put, the men of Virfortis want something different to stick their dicks into. That’s why I’m sending you to Gynos.”

Gynos. Edsere had never been before–hell, none of The Company had ever been before–but they’d all heard tales of that land. Fertile fields and rolling hills, majestic mountains capped with snow that pierced the ever-blue skies. In Gynos it was said you could drink any water without worry, even the smallest streams, and that the meat and milk tasted fresher than anything available in Virfortis. The women were also rumored to be exotic and pure, with golden manes of hair and eyes like precious gems. Edsere had heard jokes and rumors in the backrooms of Virfortis pubs that even a Gynos woman’s piss tasted like the sweetest ale.

But to scout such a place without ever having been there? Edsere was worried. Who knew what unknown defenses Gynos had, what protections were in place to keep outsiders away?

“My Lord,” said Edsere. “Gynos is unknown to us. Gynos to almost unknown to everyone in Virfortis, in fact. This will be a difficult venture for sure.”

Lord Rayneth waved away Edsere’s concerns. “I know Edsere, I am no fool. That is why I am going to pay you fifty times the regular rate.”

“Fifteen times?” asked Asher, blinking in disbelief.

“No,” said Lord Rayneth. “Fifty. Five-Zero.”

The entire Company was silent.

“Ah now that shut up your concerns didn’t it,” mused Lord Rayneth.

“It is a lot of money,” said a still stunned Sahvin.

“I suppose it is to you, isn’t it?” asked Lord Rayneth, laughing. “But if I’m right–and I am always right–then the slaves of Gynos will usher in a new era for Virfortis. We’ll be entertaining visitors from across the seas, welcoming their most esteemed and most famed into new brothels that are nothing like anyone has ever seen. And with those proceeds you lot can hire a hundred more of golden cocks to help you go snatching up cunts from every corner of the world. We’ll have a zoo of holes for the fucking, a museum of every shade and size and style of pussy, and that will be the powder keg that launches Virfortis from Kingdom to Empire. Just you wait.”

“Fifty times the regular rate,” said Asher still in disbelief.

“We humbly accept your request,” said Edsere. He was dizzy at not just the thought of what he could do with the coin but what he could accomplish with a hundred more members of The Golden Rooster Company. They could be a business proper, forming contracts with multiple kingdoms, trading goods as supply and demand warranted. Edsere might even wind up as a Lord himself one day, sitting in a tall garish tower dictating his requests to a bunch of hapless hopefuls.

The possibilities seemed endless.

“Of course you accept,” said a laughing, coughing Lord Rayneth. He shook his head. “I really do like you Edsere. Now, go out and get me some Gynos pussy.”