Cupcake Sinclair likes to be punished. As a professional submissive and fetish porn producer in Los Angeles, being tied up, spanked, and flogged is part of the job description. It’s also what she does for fun. Last year, she became a somewhat of a FetLife celebrity when she produced and starred in a fetish video that depicts a man nailing her breasts to a wooden board as a punishment, aptly titled “Nailed.”

“Yes, it’s painful,” she says. “Yes, there’s screaming.” The video is very real and undeniably unsettling for those not accustomed to watching a self-described “pain slut” have body parts nailed to a boar. But it’s the product of Sinclair’s literal “blood, sweat, and tears,” she tells me, and she continues to recreate this scene for live audiences at local LA fetish clubs for fun—and as a form of therapy. Sinclair explains that extreme submission provides a release from the banality of boring, everyday vanilla living while also helping her preserve her mental health.

“So many of us shy away from pain. Being able to embrace it allows me personally to feel the catharsis I need, as well as to remind myself I’m stronger than any problems I might be going through. I’ve been in the lifestyle for about six years now and for me, it’s therapeutic,” Sinclair says. “I tend to develop a bit of a disconnect with my emotions, [and] by submitting and going through levels of pain and pleasure, I feel more honed in to reality. When submitting to someone I trust, I’m able to let go of my anxieties.”


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August 29, 2017

Image source: Adam Berry/Getty