It’s widely acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic has hit some workers, like those in the retail and service industries, harder than others. But that list rarely includes another profession suffering just as much, if not more. Sex workers are largely excluded from government relief packages, and in countries like Italy, poverty and fears of homelessness are forcing some to get back to work. The stigma, of course, only makes finding outside help that much worse.

Six months into the era of social distancing, FKA Twigs and Kehlani are stepping in. The past few days have seen both musicians use their platforms to demand action, along with a reevaluation of the ways we treat and perceive sex workers and strippers. “Sex workers deserve proper pay, protection, and to exist in their careers without consistent shame & violence,” Kehlani wrote when sharing her new music video, which features—and properly credits—nearly a dozen sex workers who’ve inspired her.

Kehlani also tapped the nonbinary abolitionist and community organizer, Da’Shaun L. Harrison, to create a PSA: Sex work “is a legitimate form of labor that must be decriminalized so as to function as a safe form of work for all sex workers,” the video concludes. “Black people—as well as Indigenous people and other people of color—deserve to be able to perform sex work without any limitations or stigmas attached, and this means that everyone must commit to learning from sex workers about sex work and sex workers’ needs.”


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August 5th, 2020